Interact with Muffin



Floater is the best way to interact with the network. It is built for Muffin and fully supports Muffin IDs


You can use Metamask to interact with Muffin.

It is not yet fully supported, but it works.

To use Muffin with Metamask, you’ll need these parameters:

URL: http://[Muffin node address]/rpc

ChainId: 1984

Symbol: FLT



In order to be compatible with EVM-centered applications such as wallets, muffinvm simulates an Ethereum JSON RPC API.

All endpoints are not (fully) implemented.

These are the ones that you can use:

  • eth_blockNumber
  • eth_call
  • eth_chainId
  • eth_estimateGas
  • eth_gasPrice
  • eth_getBalance
  • eth_getBlockByNumber
  • eth_getCode
  • eth_getTransactionCount
  • eth_getCode
  • eth_getTransactionCount
  • eth_getTransactionReceipt
  • eth_sendRawTransaction
  • net_version

Have a look at to see how they work

Command Line Interface

muffinVM includes a console and a command interpreter.

Use these commands to interact with Muffin Network:

  • accounts [method]
    • accounts create - Get an account’s public key and address from a 64-bytes private key
    • accounts read - Get informations on an account with its address
    • accounts storage - See the storage of a contract with its address
    • accounts balance - Get balance of an account with its address
  • benchmark - Get the hash rate of the machine
  • blockchain [method]
    • blockchain snap - Start block creation on a new blockchain
    • blockchain meta - Get metadata about the blockchain
    • blockchain latestBlock - Get informations about the latest validated block
  • blocks [method]
    • blocks read - Read a block’s informations with its hash
    • blocks accepted - Get a list of all accepted blocks
    • blocks pending - Get a list of all pending blocks
    • blocks refused - Get a list of all refused blocks
    • blocks lastRefused - Get the last refused block
  • exit - Stop muffinVM
  • help - Get a list of commands
  • run - Run a contract without emitting a transaction (results will not be saved)
  • sign [method]
    • sign message - Sign a message with a private key
    • sign verify - Get the signing address of a signature
  • transactions [method]
    • transactions create - Emit a transaction to the network
    • transactions toContract - Emit a contract-calling transaction to the network
    • transactions read - Get a transaction from its hash
    • transactions done - Get a list of all done transactions
    • transactions pending - Get a lust of all pending transactions
    • transactions aborted - Get a list of all aborted transactions