Allowing people to manage their identity in a safe and simple way.

Create your own Muffin ID and take back control over the information you give.

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Why Muffin?

Blockchains are dumb.

They are complicated and far from user-friendly.

Muffin offers an intuitive solution that brings to this technology what really matters for people while staying true to its values by protecting the privacy of its users.

You need a Muffin ID

A Muffin ID allows you to take back control over the information you give while keeping the comfort of the modern web.

Use your Muffin ID to authenticate on websites while only sharing the data you want to.

Your privacy, your decisions.

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Set up Floater Wallet in 3 clicks and start creating your Muffin ID. We kept everything simple just for you.

Floater homepage

Frequently asked questions

What is a Muffin ID?

It's your identity card encrypted on the blockchain. You can use it to sign up on websites. It is encrypted with multiple keys, which means you have full control over the informations you allow apps and other people to access.

What are Floats?

The Float is the official currency of Muffin. It is indexed on the supply of MuffinIDs. When a new Muffin ID is created, 6000 new Floats are generated and distributed equally among all Muffin ID owners.

How can I get Floats?

At the moment, we are making giveways on the Discord server. Join in and post your wallet address to receive Floats!

I want to develop on Muffin, where do I start?

Start by reading the whitepaper and the technical paper. Then, go on DevsHub to learn how to write contracts and how to integrate Muffin on your website.

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